DIY Porcelain Dresser Handles

Jun 5th

Whether your porcelain dresser handle is antique or new with retro style, add a splash of color until it can give any dresser a nice edge. With the correct preparation of the surface, the correct color and a layer of protective spray, your painted dresser handle should stand through the ages. Painting over porcelain dresser handles can provide an unexpected decorator touch to your interior dressers.

Vintage Dresser Handles
Vintage Dresser Handles

Gently wipe a soft cloth with isopropyl alcohol and wipe the entire surface of the dresser handle with the damp cloth to clean it. Let dry before proceeding. Insert a 1-inch flat brush with a paint of your choice and apply the paint in a thin and even layer to coat the best dresser handles completely with a base layer of paint.

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Add a design over base coat, if you want. You can paint a green or black swirl design around the outer edge of the dresser handle with the smaller brush. Allow the paint to dry. Cover the surrounding area with pieces of newsprint or cardboard to prevent overprotection. Spray painted dresser handle lightly with clear paint spray to lay a protective layer. Allow the paint to dry and apply one or two additional layers to finish painting the awesome porcelain dresser handles.